<aside> 💡 TL;DR ⏰ Duration: 45 minutes 🗃 Format: Screening call interview (video call) 🗒 Preparation: Be comfortable with using the S/TAR method


What is it about?

The introductory or screening call is the first interview of our hiring process. Essentially this is a brief job interview that has 2 main purposes :

What should you expect?

<aside> 🏗️ Structure It will be a mix of conversations and Q&A


Depending on the role, the screening interview will happen either with the hiring manager (potential manager) or with the Talent Acquisition Manager. This is a 45-min interview focused on getting to know each other.

We will spend part of the interview :

Part of the interview is also dedicated to presenting Luko, the position in more detail and the hiring process.

Finally, we will also clarify any questions you might have.

What do we expect?

This is a shorter version of a job interview that is conducted to determine if you are qualified for the position prior to conducting a more extensive interview.