Our mission is to make multiplayer games players want to play. We strive for extraordinary player experience putting players at the center of everything we do.

About the Colonist Team

We are 6 people, a digital native, and a location-less team. We all live in different countries spanning across 4 continents. We work in async mode. Everyone knows what they have to get done and they get those tasks done at whatever day/time they please. We take pride in our product and work quality.

We have 2 meetings throughout the week. The first one is our weekly team meeting. We get together to talk for one hour. After the meeting, we play a game of Colonist together usually trying out new features. We often invite people we want to work with or Colonist community members, to get to know them a bit. The other meeting is a one-on-one meeting with a team member. Here, the goal is to make sure all the needs of the team members are met and solve any potential misalignments.

About the Team Members

For each new team member, we go over 100s of potential candidates trying to select the person who fits the best. We like people who create value on their first day and who will continue creating value for a long time.

One team member joined as a dev contributor. He didn’t know how to code but was interested in it. He initially fixed one-liner bugs, then bigger bugs, then started implementing small features. After a few months, he became a part of our team. A year has passed since he fixed the first bug and now he is tackling full-blown systems and expansions.

Another member of our team literally got himself hired. He created so much value while being part of the community that he was like a part of the team before even joining.

Each person in our team is responsible for a specific area. But in a small team, everyone can do anything. A designer can fix bugs, a developer can come up with design ideas. It is free for all, anyone can do anything that they think is important. We don’t have strict rules and systems set in place like big corporations so we welcome anyone who likes setting up systems and workflows.

Note that when the borders open, a bunch of us will start digital nomading. There are beautiful beaches in Bali, amazing landscapes in Chiang Mai, cost effective locations where we can live like kings. We choose the best settlement spots in-game and real-life ;)