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This page is a general overview guide, and should be all most speakers, volunteers, and others need to read. You can click the pages above if you want more detail, context, or support.

There are generic examples of texts & emails you can send below, and if you want actual examples of promotion posts & emails we've sent and our speakers have sent, please see the template pages above.

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How To Share Our Event With Your Audience

Logistical Details

There's Only One Link You Ever Need To Share


Because of the two points we'll explore in more detail below, DON'T link to the eventbrite page. That page becomes obsolete the moment the event starts, so what you really want to do is link EVERYONE ALWAYS ONLY to TEDxCOS.org - that's it. That's the only link they need. There they can access historical talks, get tickets, watch the livestream, and more.

Don't forget MEMBERHIPS