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Referencing Resources

Why are resources necessary and why must references be provided?

Canine hydrotherapy and physiotherapy is an emerging and rapidly growing sector in animal healthcare. It's currently an unregulated sector in the UK that is striving to demonstrate a high standard of evidence based clinical practice with canine welfare at its core.

For these reasons all interventions (assessment, treatment, management strategies and home programmes) should be clinically reasoned and have a sound evidence base. In order to advance clinical skills, therapists need to be able to read, digest, critically appraise and extrapolate the data from the available literature.

<aside> 🐾 Identifying robust sources of evidence and allowing the data to positively influence practice is the way to raise standards.



Therapists need to be able to demonstrate an advanced understanding of the pathophysiology associated with conditions and disorders, providing a sound evidence base for applied canine interventions.

What constitutes a good resource?

When researching a topic it's preferred to use academic sources over other formats of available information. The majority are peer reviewed and published, so greater credence can be added to the reliability of the information provided.

Academic sources are;