Note from Alona: Hey everyone! Today I want to tell you about Dan. Ukraine DAO’s contributors come from all walks of life and all countries. What unites us is that we all have genuine passion for helping Ukraine. I met Dan on Twitter (like most other Ukraine DAO’s team members) and even though I haven't met him in real life yet, I have tremendous respect for him. He’s an extremely humble person and is doing a lot of incredible things for Ukraine without telling anyone.

Today I’ve finally been allowed to share that he is sponsoring and resettling Ukrainian refugees in the US, through the new initiative Uniting for Ukraine. He could use help raising funds to provide a safety net for a newly arrived family while the govt works through months of backlogged paperwork to give official work authorization and permanent residency.

P.S. Thank you so so much to everyone who has helped with the fundraiser for a night vision device for Max ([completed] Max - Night Vision Device). As far as I know, Max and his unit need much more support. I gave Anastasiya edit rights to that page so she'll be able to update it/ share information about what else they need 💙💛

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