We’re on a mission to solve the metabolic health crisis. We’d love for you to join us.

Poor metabolic health is having a drastic affect on people globally. In the US alone, 88 million American adults are pre-diabetic, and 84% of those people aren’t aware of it. By 2030, the medical costs & losses in productivity associated with diabetes are expected to exceed $600B.

The key to improving health lies in making better decisions, and getting better visibility on what’s happening inside your own body is key to doing that.

By leveraging biosensors like continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), our app provides real-time feedback on how diet and lifestyle choices impact metabolic health.

Members use personalized data and closed-loop feedback systems to inspire real behavior change and discover optimal diets, control weight, and reduce long-term health risks.

We’re serious about building a long-term, sustainable company focused on tackling a meaningful challenge facing society today. You should read our Secret Master Plan for more insight on where we're headed.


Open Roles

Last updated: December 15, 2022

🧪 Research & Development

👩‍🔬 Research & Development Engineer →

As an Engineer working in Research & Development you will have the opportunity to explore state of the art biosensor technologies in development around the world.

Your goal is to understand the core technology landscape for next generation biosensors, determine who is developing pieces (whole or otherwise) of this technology, and how Levels could align, assist, & integrate this technology into our membership offering.

The next frontier of healthcare is preventative, not reactive. The industry today focuses a large majority of resources on reactive treatments for disease. We choose to focus on biosensor technology that, combined with our powerful behavior change platform, has potential to allow our members to understand their health status and lifestyle factors and lower their risk of illness & disease through data-driven health decisions before it negatively impacts their lives.

➕ Something Else

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