Elliot Teo

UI/UX Design Lead, Product Designer

Based in Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ | Work From Home πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Key Expertise


I'm Elliot a partner and UI/UX designer at Convey. I've got experience in building and launching products, enterprise software and commerce stores. I excel at helping people simplify complex processes, clearing doubts, validating ideas and presenting clear strategies. Constantly curious about new technology trends and also productivity tools. I'm also quite an organisational freak... physical and digital desktops need to be clear of junk!

Work Experience

Aug 2015 – Present

Senior UI/UX Designer Convey Pte Ltd (weconvey.co)

Digital Agency β€’ UX UI β€’ Branding β€’ Design Sprints β€’ Webflow β€’ Web Design β€’ iOS β€’ Android Development β€’ Design Systems β€’ Design Thinking β€’ Mobile/Web β€’ Native and Custom Apps β€’ Collaborative Design β€’ Figma/Sketch β€’ MIRO Whiteboard

Jul 2018 – Present

Certified Design Sprint Facilitator AJ&Smart, 2018

A Design Sprint is a step by step process for solving big problems and validating ideas in 4 days. The Design Sprint validates new ideas fast before you invest time and money to build them. Through intentionally designed exercises, multiple stakeholders are included in the idea development process, creating personal investment in the solution, leading to less mis-alignments and misunderstandings.