🧡 We are Dearest.

We at Dearest, are an inclusive bunch of people; human resources leader, psychologist, couple therapists and coaches, as well as learning designer, UX design & performance marketing experts coming from international companies and B2C tech grownups like hy! Axel Springer Consulting, BCG Digital Ventures, foodspring, nuri, heycar and ebay.

✨ We bring relationship wellness mainstream

Dearest is a matter of the heart for us. When we, that's Katharina and Lukas, got together, we all brought our experiences in love matters with us.

What we realized was that it's not that easy to love. Finding partners and relationships on dating apps seems to have never been easier. Swipe a few times, find the right words and, with a bit of luck, things work out. But no one shows us how to have these relationships in a healthy way. We had both noticed that too. With all the information the internet offers, there is no way to get quick and easy access to relationship issues.

That's why we founded Dearest. We are creating a digital solution that provides professional and quick access to coaching services for couples, but also for singles. We offer people access to coaching on relationship issues without big hurdles. And we are working on providing information in an accessible way.

We are a team of experts in their respective fields to finally change a stigma.

We’re looking for a talented Intern Psychology & Content to join our growing team and work hands-on in taking Dearest App to market.

🚀 About the role.

What is an Intern Psychology & Content for us? You will work directly with our founder, gaining a unique insight into building a startup from the ground up.

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