by mendesaltaren

This document invites to reflection and strategic decision making. The objective is to gather information about everything that can not be solved in a meeting. These decisions will mark the attributes and concepts of your brand.

We ask you to reflect and adopt the commitments that will serve as the basis for the visual and narrative identity. In this way, our work will be totally aligned with what you expect from your branding.

Brand Origin


Why does your business exist?

The vision describes the future your company is working to achieve. This is the reason for your existence as a company. This may be something that you never live to achieve, but are constantly striving for as a company. It should be positive, motivating, and fun to talk about. Think big.

e.g*. “Advancing man’s capability to explore the heavens”- NASA*



What does your business do?

Your mission describes what your company does to achieve your vision. If the vision is this place in the future that you are trying to arrive at, the mission is made up of the various steps along the way to that future place. It’s a series of milestones that are measureable, and once completed you move onto the next one. Try to keep the scope of these milestones within a realistic timeframe, i.e. the next 12 months if your a small business.