How can I participate**?**

‌Blockchain technology is expected to be one of the main driving forces of the next-generation internet (Web3), enabling tokenized economic interactions without intermediaries.

‌Understanding how the broader ecosystem of a project works is essential when investing in any viable project or using the corresponding token. The elegant design of token architecture is important for investors and/or users to adopt and help the ecosystem grow around the currency.

‌$VIBES is our core ERC20, Ethereum based token that we release as part of our Token sale. This offers our community instant liquidity, as it can be exchanged for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies via several prominent exchanges.

Please see here to learn how to buy $VIBES

Highvibe Network: Create, Earn & Collect

Highvibe Network’s growth is rooted in a powerful digital currency designed with creatives and participants in mind. ✨

Our ERC-20 token standard both opens our project up to rich interoperability (with other EVM compatible chains) along with the most vital developer community and puts us in a great position to evolve as technology develops. Storing $VIBES Tokens is also very easy as it will work with a wide range of ERC-20-supported wallets.

$VIBES is essential to the operation of the Highvibe Network, and serves multiple distinct purposes:


Highvibe ($VIBES) Token Distribution

Fair distribution of the token amongst participants is essential for HVN to provide the necessary incentives for growth and expansion. We have chosen to distribute $VIBES tokens in a way that is even, fair, and focused on the community rewards.

The total MAX supply of 21 Billion $VIBES Tokens will be distributed as follows: