<aside> 💡 Notion tip: Use this template to unite your PR team and create transparency around announcements and events. The table of contents below automatically indexes any header you add and both the materials table and materials calendar are linked.


✍️ Story points

High-level overview of story points to align the team.

🎯 Details

🌱 Work in progress

Add all the material you'll be working on for this announcement or event here. Hover over each row and click ⤢OPEN to access the subpage. Materials are sorted by due date.


⏰ Timeline

Add the timeline of the announcement, social schedule, and email schedule as well. The calendar view below automatically populates from your materials table above.


🎉 Fun ideas

Add some fun ideas to create some inspiration and engage the team.

⚠️ Issues

Things always go wrong — add crucial to-do's here!