<aside> 🤝 We’re not Fair Launch Capital. We provide fair launch capital.


<aside> 🔄 We're not a VC fund. We're a community resource providing free access to capital for new Fair Launch networks and projects.


A New Path

A new path has emerged for crypto-native founders to launch the next generation of networks and companies: the Fair Launch.

The Fair Launch enables founders to leverage existing networks to bootstrap distribution and build long-term, highly engaged, collaborative communities. New forms of network collaboration—not competition—sit at the heart of the Fair Launch.

What is a Fair Launch?

When we say Fair Launch, we mean:

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Why does the Fair Launch matter?

At its core, the Fair Launch enables founders to quickly get to market, while skipping the traditional fundraise and improving token distribution. For users, Fair Launches enable anyone to participate, creating new conditions for self-governing communities.

So here we have a fundamentally disruptive way to bring new protocols to market, that both sides of the market (founders and users) want. But as we've seen from recent events, there are some early dynamics of the Fair Launch that can be improved.

A Platform to Evolve the Fair Launch

The Fair Launch approach to bootstrapping a network with other networks has only just emerged, and we believe that yield farming and liquidity mining are early distribution mechanisms that will improve. This will ultimately result in new Fair Launch ‘recipes’ that can be used to seed and bootstrap healthy, diverse, and profitable governing communities.

But we aren't content simply hoping for this outcome, so we're creating a platform to evolve the mechanisms and designs of a Fair Launch.