Letterdrop can enrich your email list with data such as name, location, company, location, social media links. Use this feature to understand your audience better or identify prospects in your list.

<aside> ⚠️ We cannot guarantee you will get the data you need. We use a combination of Clearbit and human data scrapers to enrich emails. It is possible that a given email is not connected to a person's identity or the person in question does not have an online presence. You will still be charged for processing that email.


How do I enable my email data?

This feature needs to be enabled by contacting support@letterdrop.com before following these steps.

Visit letterdrop.com/publications.

Open your publication. Click on the Settings button.


Scroll down to Identify subscribers and flip the toggle.

All new subscribers moving forward will be enriched as best possible.

If you collect business emails and your audience has a strong online presence, you will see a higher success rate.

Why should I enrich my email data?

Understand demographics

You can create better content for your audience if you know who they are. If you see that 60% of your readers are executives in the pharmaceutical industry or mid-twenties women in Europe, it helps you create content tailored for them.

Identify customers