What to find: Accommodation in Athens

The Journee promise

The Journee process: follow these steps to choose the accommodation

  1. Go to the pre-filtered Booking.com link (this accounts for dates, location, number of people, beds, level etc)
  2. In the left hand menu, filter the results by: Price (in your budget) and level (we never book 1-2 star properties even for Standard property requirement)
  3. Then if required in the brief, add more filters: like Bath (in Room facilities) or Breakfast included (in Popular filters)
  4. Start adding suitable places to a shortlist if they have more than 20 reviews and average rating >8.5 - if a property looks really nice, but doesn't have 20 reviews on booking.com, Google it and add to shortlist if there are good reviews elsewhere (eg on Tripadvisor)
  5. For properties that you like, search the reviews for 'clean' 'bed' 'bathroom' 'toilet' to ensure there aren't many negative reviews about these things
  6. Check photos of the building to ensure the property doesn't look old and dilapidated (you can check Street view of maps/ google images)
  7. Double-check the location and cancellation policy (it should be fully refundable if we cancel 1+ month before)
  8. Do final checks based on the images
    1. Airy and spacious: The room should have windows and look spacious in the photos
    2. Accessible: There shouldn't be too many stairs. If it's more than 3 floors high, it should have a lift
    3. Decor: Neat looking and minimalistic is better than gaudy/glittery; authentic decor of the destination is better than a standard chain hotel look
    4. Bathroom: There should always be a photo of the bathroom and it should look very clean
    5. Views: Whenever possible we try to book accommodation that comes with a nice view