<aside> 💡 Discovery Days at Medusa is a concept that encourages the Medusa team to spend at least 15% of their working time exploring creative ideas, self-learning, or similar


<aside> 👉 Inspiration For project ideas and showcasing of past achievements (🏆), please check-out the below link (sorry, only available for Medusa employees)


General guidelines

Discovery Days happens every Friday. As we have Sprint Reviews bi-weekly on Fridays, some of the day will be allocated to this (hence, for engineers it is effectively 15% of your work time).

There are two general guidelines of what Discovery Days activities can be about:

  1. Self-development
  2. Ideas, creative projects, or exploration related to Medusa

When in doubt whether it fits the frame, just ask.

🧠 Self-development

You are more than welcome to explore activities to improve upon your professional skills. It is important that you keep learning while working at Medusa so you are highly encouraged to challenge yourself and explore your passions.

The only constraint is, that it needs to be within the domain of what you work with at Medusa (hence, cooking classes must wait until the Saturday).

Some examples of past activities:

🔎 Ideas, creative projects, or exploration related to Medusa

You are also welcome to work on projects or ideas that can be beneficial to the company. You are encouraged to be creative and innovative, and you should NOT be worried that your project might fail or die out - this can be an important learning and is very much part of the process.