<aside> 🧠 This page is intended to organize research information about tooling and workflows to deliver token gated experiences to CS ecosystem participants such as guests, members, contributors (rename to participants??), active WG contributors, show-specific roles, and core team, admin.

Distribution Platforms

  1. Applied to waiting list on 7/13 for https://www.2cents.audio/
  2. Create POAP and launch event https://snowdot.github.io/poap-place/
  3. POAP Art Bot https://github.com/RomiRand/PoapArtBot
  4. Gem.xyz - NFT marketplace lets you discover & buy NFTs across all marketplaces
  5. Omniflix Network - Decentralized media and network layer for Creators & Sovereign Communities powered by NFTs and related distribution protocols
  6. Near Protocol: https://paras.id and https://mintbase.io
  7. Created an account on https://tamastream.io

Functionalization Platforms

Make our NFTs sing!

  1. Charged Particles - every NFT can contain digital assets.
  2. Hyy.pe - Add Lore to NFTs (PREVIOUS SHOW GUEST)
  3. Wonderverse - PM, Token gating, Payments
    1. VIDEO: Wonder x Demo
    2. TestDAO product review & walkthrough

Things we can create experiences with using POAPS, Kudos or Custom NFTs

  1. Web3 Native Video Calls (members) - https://huddle01.com/
  2. Community space - https://gm.xyz/ - also telegram and discord (guild.xyz and Collab.land) - POAP/members
  3. Chats - https://nftychat.xyz/