This page documents the terminology used at Sommelier.

Cellar: A smart contract representing an on-chain investment strategy, that can take in arbitrary inputs / commands from off-chain.

Cellar developers: The software developers who create smart-contracts that implement the cellar strategy. This smart contract cellar is sent to Sommelier governance in order to be accepted into the Sommelier infrastructure.

Cellar-Creator: The Cellar-Creator is an entity which consists of people who generate a new investment strategy (which needs to pass governance to be accepted into the Sommelier infrastructure).

Strategy Providers: These people send live investment instructions to the Sommelier validators, which will be used to update the cellar position.

Validators: These entities power the Sommelier chain. They receive instructions from the cellar-creators, perform checks on the inputs, and if quorum is reached amongst validators, send the instruction to the cellar for execution.

Stakers: These people are the supporting the network by staking their SOMM with the validators and in return get a fee from the revenue of the cellars.

Gravity-Bridge: The method of communicating between the Sommelier chain (a Cosmos chain) and the blockchain where the cellar lives. For example, if a cellar lives on Ethereum, and Sommelier is its own Cosmos chain, the gravity bridge communicates transactions between Ethereum and Sommelier.