Our values

Company values evolve and this is a living document. In the first 6 months of Chestr, these are some of the values that have organically formed:

  1. The User: we build useful and delightful products for our Users. We find out how to build the best products by talking with our users every month β€” and watching Hotjar like it’s the hottest Netflix show. We dive deep both in 1:1 calls with our users as well as into our analytics; true user understanding is part art, part science.
  2. Design: Great design or die. Read our design statement here.
  3. Ownership: clear deliverables, extreme ownership.
  4. Brief, Fast, Focus: Brevity is confidence, length is fear. **Keep meetings short and to the point, move fast, do deep focused work.
  5. Well-being: happy people = happy work = happy users. 😊


Chestr Marketing Intern - TikTok Content Strategy