Module Overview

In this module you'll be going through the story of how Rafael built his first Hyper Casual game. He went from almost no knowledge in game dev to prototyping games in days. Rafael showed some serious dedication to the craft and worked super hard to try to understand the medium of Hyper Casuals. After he built Siege balls we were lucky enough that he wanted to join Motion Miracles and build games along side us. Check it out!

Play the Game Rafa Made

Rafael went through around 10 - 12 ideas before settling and working on Siege Balls.

What Rafael did well:


[Play on Browser ](

Play on Browser

Rafael's Steps

Modules Rafael did in order:

Make your first Hypercasual game in 2 - 4 hours!

Developer Role Play! Make a game with a Teammate!

Getting into 3D Game Art with Blender (Beginner)

Blender Animation Basics

Ideation Role Play

Crash Course in Office Life and Personal/Career Development

Understanding Our Work Environment