An interruption is a period of time where the device has worked less than the minimum production value (default is 0) and more than the minimum interruption time (default is 4 minutes). Interruptions are not considered during Scheduled interruptions (e.g. lunch breaks). All interruptions are displayed on the Operator Main Graph if logged in to Shopfloor feedback.

Undefined interruptions are marked with red boxes on the top left of the chart.

Operators won't be able to change the Scheduled interruptions, only a user with Administrator privileges can edit these as guided How to add, edit, and inactivate interruption?

How to define an interruption?

The operator can define interruptions by following the steps:

  1. Click on the undefined interruption box
  2. Select a reason for the interruption - if required additional comment must be added, but otherwise, it is an optional field
  3. Click on 'Insert an interruption'

How to edit or delete an already defined interruption?

The operator can edit already defined interruption by following the steps:

  1. Click on the already defined interruption
  2. Edit detailes - change reason and click on 'Save' OR delete the reason and click on 'Delete'

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