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Summary of the project

Lluis is a university student who began his first year at university in 2020. However, the current global pandemic situation has not been entirely positive for him to study from home in front of his laptop screen all day. Not leaving home due to quarantine with little social interaction has affected his academic performance.

This case study's objective is to know the user's online education needs; how did he experience it during the quarantine period? And how can we use new technologies and tools to the benefit of online education?


The investigation began by knowing what online education users thought before, during, and after the quarantine through netnography (online research method, derived from ethnography). Why, during the quarantine? Because it's an experience that we have lived at all levels, we should have to adapt quickly.

Three main user groups were defined on online education, teaching staff, students, and parents based on these groups. I conducted five interviews remotely, 111 surveys were filled online using Google services form, of which we can highlight the following phrases:

The warmth that even a classroom gives you is not given by a screen.

I'm not a teacher. I don't know how to teach my son

Through online education, there are no longer geographical barriers.