Social media is a life-changing tool. It may be exactly what has brought you here today, and when used correctly, it can do powerful things for your business or career.

Social media platforms are created with the intention of bringing people together. By downloading this guide you've become a part of our community and we are thrilled to welcome you here.

But what about creating your own community?

When you have an active social media presence, you are cultivating an online space where you can connect with others.

By sharing your work, struggles and joys online you are showing people the highs and lows of your career and creating a space where they feel comfortable to do the same.

While algorithms (how posts are promoted within social media apps) change frequently - there are many things that stay true...

People connect with things that bring them value.

Instead of focussing on vanity metrics such as likes or followers - this guide will help you focus on adding meaningful value to your followers and help you grow positive engagement.

The Social Media Guide for Motion Designers will enhance how you share your work, improve the quality of your posts and help you to attract bigger and better clients.

Posts that are consistent, have variety and encourage people to engage with you will help you to raise your profile online and get your work shared and seen.

We've built this guide around the four simple principles for growing engagement; posts that are ‘Interactive’, ‘Relatable’, ‘Community'-focused, or have a ‘Promotional' Call-to-action. These four principles lay the groundwork for growing and connecting with your audience online.