Customize your projects to meet your preferences and data requirements

Quick Links

🦒 In-App Guide (coming soon)


Access Project Settings

Click Menu → Projects → “Project Settings”

A right-hand flyout appears.


Edit Project Settings


Share a project

Click the shared with icons, under the map/preview image.

The sharing menu will appear.

1. To share with an individual:

Type the user’s email into the email text box.

Select their access level


2. To share with a team:

Select a team from your workspace from the dropdown.

The entire team will now have access.

<aside> 💡 Learn about workspaces and teams in Members, Teams, and Workspaces


3. To share with a workspace:

Select a workspace from the dropdown

All users in that workspace will have access to the layer

4. Invite Button

Click the Invite button to finalize your selections.

<aside> 🚨 Note: Workspace Admins always have access to all projects in a workspace.


Use Project as a template

Once your template project exists, you can save it to the template library.

Click “Use project as template”

Select who the template should be available to.

<aside> 💡 Learn more about working with Templates



Edit Project Properties

Under properties, you will notice 3 tabs:


The Workspace tab displays the Workspace Properties in your org’s account. You can edit the values of any of those properties here.

Your portfolio may have custom workspace properties identified in your workspace. Those will appear in this flyout as well.

Additional properties generated by the lots selected from Site Search by Regrid will also appear here.