PWN is looking for a dedicated team member to help us ensure that we delight our customers with the highest possible quality product and features.

Our Testing/QA Engineer will play a key role in the PWN product release lifecycle. As a member of the product team, your goal will be to ensure that what we ship follows the highest quality standards of the DeFi industry. You will be dissecting and inspecting our product from the perspective of a user. You’ll also work closely with the engineering team, so a tech background is a bonus, but not a requirement.

Additionally, you should be intimately familiar with the DeFi space and should have user experience with many various dApps. This role allows you to eventually grow into a product management or engineering position.

🙋Your role:

<aside> ☝ We appreciate people who are humble and kind. We appreciate those who are team players and who are keen to learn from others with an open mind. If you are one of those people you'll be thriving at PWN.

However, if your primary goal is to max-out immediate rewards, I don't think we are the right company for you and your goals.


🧭 Requirements: