30 Days.png

Embark on a journey of epic proportions. Or at least get more out of Serial Marketers.

It's a full month's worth of ways to engage with the community. How many can you do?

  1. Download the Slack app to your mobile and/or desktop device; it makes it easier to stay connected with the community and navigate among multiple Slack accounts if you have them.
  2. Introduce yourself in the #lounge.
  3. Check the #wanted channel and find a post you can help with; respond to them there or direct message them.
  4. Share something you need support with in the #wanted channel. No ask is too big or too small!
  5. Greet a new member introducing themselves in the #lounge. Even a simple 'like' of their post is a kind acknowledgment and will give newcomers a sense of who is here.
  6. Browse our industry event calendar. You can also submit an event there.
  7. Post an event in our #events channel, whether you're hosting or attending it.
  8. Join Upstream and request access to the Serial Marketers group there.
  9. Promote yourself. It's okay -- you're a marketer! Use the #selfpromo channel.
  10. Check out the weekly member-only newsletter -- it arrives in your inbox just about every Tuesday.
  11. Browse other channels. There are dozens of channels not included as defaults for all members. These include topics (#productmarketing, #seo, #socialmedia, #blockchain) and geographies.
  12. Suggest another channel for the community that doesn't exist yet. Optional: offer to host it by starting discussions and adding members within the community.
  13. Check the #offers channel to see who might have posted something you can use.
  14. Come up with an offer for your own business and share it with the #offers channel. If it's something you want to get even more exposure for with the community, DM David to hear more about how to get offers featured.
  15. RSVP to an event in the Serial Marketers Upstream group (better still, attend!).