The first part of this assignment requires a laptop and Adobe Photoshop, although the final can be done in other software. Digital treatment only.

  1. Create a color scheme using 3 colors + black. Upload it to notion. Use only flat colors in simple shapes (most likely rectangles). Upload the final scheme to notion.
  2. Pick someone else’s color scheme (one that immediately gives you a visual clue) and use it to illustrate one of these moods:

For the color scheme creation you can mix colors however you like, but in the final you can not use transparencies, multiply or any other form color mixing.

As in the previous assignment, you're required to make three versions:

  1. Black and white.
  2. Black and one other color.
  3. All three colors, and no black.

For this assignment you don't have to redraw the image every time—you can draw it once and re-color it two times. You can draw the whole thing digitally or make linework/shapes on paper and color them using the color-lock function described in the tutorial for scanning things.

Consider picking unusual or even contradictory combinations, for instance, you can try to express loneliness using a bold colorful scheme, or portray joy in muted tones. Remember that the emotions in these colors can come out in an infinite number of ways through their combinations alone. Consider also the amount of space allocated to each color, and how that contributes to the mood you're trying to capture.




Format: 4x4” each, 3 in total (both the schemes and the final images)