<aside> 🍪 This is Botan’s workspace for his day job, where he helps his grandparents run their family bakery. He uses it to keep track of family recipes, bakery schedules, and more!


↓ Botan uses the calendar below to create and schedule shifts for Kimura bakery.

Bakery shift schedule

↓ Botan uses the table below to keep track of inventory and when they were baked.

Family recipes

↓ Botan uses the table below to track his inventory and figure out when to buy more ingredients. Each item is linked to a specific recipe from the database above. For example, 🍊 Yuzu is required to bake a 🥐 Yuzu croissant.

Bakery inventory

↓ Botan uses the board below to track daily to-do’s in his grandparents bakery.