1. Score format: ****we accept scores in MusicXML format. This format can be exported from many notation programs, e.g. Finale, Sibelius, MuseScore, Dorico.

  2. Score verification: After you have the MusicXML file ready (exported from your notation program), please open it in MuseScore and play it. If it doesn't play correctly in MuseScore (e.g. wrong notes, wrong tempo), then please fix the problem and export the fixed MusicXML. MuseScore is free, you can download it here.

  3. Repeats: Repeats are not supported. All repeats should be unrolled (e.g. using MuseScore you can do this automatically using Tools → Unroll Repeats).

  4. Tempo: Any tempo markings in the score will be interpreted like in other notation software. Examples:♩=120, ****or Allegro (♩=120), or just Allegro.

    The actual tempo that will be used can be controlled separately from the text. E.g. in MuseScore you can set this in the Inspector:


    You can also use invisible tempo markings to change the tempo of the performance without showing it on the score.

    The default tempo is ♩=120.

  5. Time signature: we support time signature definition when they are in the beginning of any measure. We do not support time signature in the middle of a measure.

  6. Language: we support Spanish, Catalan, English, Latin, and German. If you have a score with any other language we can synthesize it with 'aah' sounds (without lyrics).

  7. Parts: If you name the staves with standard part names (e.g. 'Soprano' / 'Sop' / 'Sopranos'), we will automatically detect the voice type for each part. If you have a part with a non-standard name (e.g. 'Soloist'), you'll be able to manually select the voice type when uploading the score to Cantamus.

  8. Divisi: The score can include divisi – up to 2 voices on a single staff.

  9. Maximum score duration: The maximum length for a single score is 25 "voice minutes". Voice minutes are calculated as the piece duration multiplied by the number of voices. This limit is in place to prevent abuse of our system.

  10. Lyrics: