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March 2022

You can now find back your drafts 💾

Never again loose your interview notes, emails or comments. You have now the autosave feature that will allow you to find back what you started to write.


3rd tab in Analytics - General metrics 📊

Discover your General metrics: based on your data you can access to 4 main KPIs and track their evolution thanks to the date picker:

You can also track your usage data such as the number of sourced talents, total applicants, talents in process, rejected talents, interview notes, comments. 🚀

Tab General.jpg

February 2022

Discover LinkedIn automation sequences 💌

You can now send LinkedIn messages in automated sequences!

This new addition to Crew’s automations suite allows you to send LinkedIn messages to talents in batches, saving you time and increasing your reply rate.

With this new automation, you can now send personalized messages to multiple individuals by email AND on LinkedIn. In other words, when using sequences you’re doubling your reply rate!

This feature is only available to “Recruiter” users. However, we recommend not sending more than indicated limits in Crew, so that you stay within LinkedIn’s limites.

LinkedIn sequences.jpg

January 2022

Discover our Chrome extension V3 🌈

  1. Recognize which talents are already in your ATS/CRM thanks to tags directly on LinkedIn’s (as well as Linkedin Recruiter) interface

    LinkedIn tags.jpg

  2. Create LinkedIn message templates and use them across LinkedIn, to perzonlise you outreach & replies at scale

    LinkedIn templates.jpg