Join the zoo, and grow our animals!



MISSION — We’re on a mission to connect the world through communities. We’re creating the marketing and growth tools of the future. We hugely believe that 5 years from now, the most successful companies will be those that have built disruptive communities with their customers. We’re going to partner with those companies to help them grow and build raving fans.

VISION — You can think of ZooTools as a multi-product company (like the early stage of Adobe) focused on marketing tools. Some of our early products are Panda or Wumpu. We’re a web3 native company and we focus on NFTs and Web3 companies for now. We’ll keep expanding our verticals over time, so more industries will get benefit from our suite of products.

MONETIZATION - ZooTools business model is through paid subscriptions, we focus on B2B2C (business-to-business-to-consumer). Our paid customers are companies (SMBs) or large-scale communities. However, our products are both used by the teams in those companies as well as millions of people interacting with them.

Day-to-day values

“Building tools that marketers will feel in love. Simple to use, Human, powerful. Our insights feel like a real human is explaining things to you.”