Why should I use Safety Mode on Gem?

The Safety Mode on Gem uses mixtX Flashbots API which allows regular users to easily submit their transactions to the Flashbots Auction by using a custom API endpoint. Everything should be the same for users, except transactions are sent to Flashbots, and then directly to miners, instead of the public mempool.

Key benefits to using the Flashbots API endpoint:

When should I use Safety Mode on Gem?

As stated in the reasons why you should use Safety Mode on Gem, there can be multiple scenarios when you would want to enable Safety Mode on Gem:

How to use Safety Mode on Gem?

Step 1: Add some items to your cart

Add some asset(s) to your cart and proceed by clicking on “Proceed to Checkout”


Step 2: Toggle-on the Safety Mode

On the “Select payment tokens” page, notice a toggle button on the top right of the cart as highlighted in the image below.

flashbot with highlight.png