Now that we have created our prototype, this week, we looked into how we would create our technical solutions. Our team held multiple meetings over the week and tried determining what would be required to create our solution, mainly focusing on Voiceflow.

However, upon further inspecting the Voiceflow platform, we quickly realised that there is no API support for the software. This meant that there was no easy way of getting the conversation data out of Voiceflow and this is essential for us to be able to make our SMS solution.

Voiceflow only allows you to Share Prototypes between Voiceflow accounts.

Voiceflow only allows you to Share Prototypes between Voiceflow accounts.


Upon hitting this roadblock, we scheduled a client meeting as soon as possible. We told the client of our problem and instructed us to look at potential alternatives to Voiceflow. These alternatives would have to retain most of the features of voice flow as well as have a similar user experience.

<aside> 🎯 What are we looking to achieve?

When looking for alternatives to Voiceflow, there are four main features that are needed to figure out if the new platform is a suitable replacement.

1. Simple GUI Clinicians lack free time, and creating these chatbots should take a minimal amount of time out of the day. Therefore an easy to use GUI is required to enable clinicians to build bots in a swift matter and not require previous coding experience.

2. API Access We require these platforms to grant API access to a developer to be able to retrieve the conversation flow diagram. This is so we can interpret the graph and build our SMS solution.

3. Smartspeaker Integration The current bots the NHS have are deployable to Amazon Alexa as well as Google Home and we do not want to lose this functionality.

4. Structured Conversation The bots that clinicians will create are not in a linear fashion and include conversational branching, where an answer from one question can lead to two different questions.


Alternative Platforms

Further Analysis of Each Platform

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