I've long thought about how I could use my design skills for a bit of good (i.e. not for the ad industry).

When inspiration struck, I yelled "WILLY WONKA" (that's my version of "EUREKA"), and then I created it.

I've helped people with CV designs in the past, and I'd be happy to do so now (if I have time), but I'm just not scaleable.

Thinking it through, I felt that a carefully designed template made the most sense and could potentially help significantly more people.

<aside> 💡 Willy Wonka is a modern CV + Cover Letter template for people who are seeking employment in this tough labour market.


Design thinking

With so many people applying for so few positions, the competition for jobs is quite intense.

Human resources are reportedly receiving hundreds of applications for each vacancy, which is mind boggling.

So with this in mind, I designed Willy Wonka to help you stand out.

What’s important is that you communicate your capabilities succinctly, so it has to be one page.

And only the essential information should be there, so unlike other CV templates, I don’t think you need to include your mug shot (profile picture).

The layout itself isn’t extravagant. It’s simple and the information can be digested easily.

Our goal is to bring clarity to the hiring manager.

Regarding the typeface, I opted for a sans-serif typeface for your CV to look great on a screen because most CV applications are processed online nowadays.

And if it does get printed out, it would still look good.