<aside> đź’ˇ The IBM TRIRIGA Best Practices for System Performance are also available at this IBM Documentation (3.8.0) link.


<aside> đź’ˇ As of February 2017, based on customer feedback, the Best Practices for System Performance document will no longer be updated in PDF format (see Archive section). Instead, its content will be updated in wiki format below. As of November 2017, these best practices were consolidated into fewer pages, reorganized in several chapters, and reformatted with a friendlier look and feel.


What are the best practices for system performance?

Use these best practices to improve the performance of applications on the IBM® TRIRIGA® Application Platform 3.x.x. While these guidelines provide optimal performance in the lab test environment, your environment might require different settings. The settings in this wiki can be used as a guideline or as a starting point, and then monitored and tuned to your specific environment.

TRIRIGA has a long and successful history in the world marketplace. Over the years, TRIRIGA has incorporated many new features, grown in complexity, and integrated with other complex software systems. Small, medium, and large organizations implement TRIRIGA in increasingly complex ways. For many customers, TRIRIGA is a global, enterprise-wide implementation with thousands of users.

The larger and more complex the deployment of TRIRIGA is, the more challenging it is for you to keep TRIRIGA performing well for your users. Because some of the greatest challenges are faced by those who deploy these products across large, global enterprises, this document has a special focus on improving performance in advanced enterprise configurations.

1 Introduction