have an instance of devstack installed and running.

make dev.up.lms

Clone the theme repository

Clone the theme repository in the edx-theme folder created by the devstack installation

git clone <>

Configure your instance

Open a terminal window and navigate to your devstack folder.

make lms-shell
# Inside the lms
vi /edx/etc/lms.yml

Edit the following parameters

- '/edx/app/edx-themes/edx.custom-theme/themes'
DEFAULT_SITE_THEME: 'custom-theme'

Save and exit lms.yml.

Compile assets

<aside> 💡 Compiling assets is only needed when modifying sass files.


Run the following command to compile the assets for the lms.

python lms compile_sass --settings devstack_docker lms --theme-dirs=/edx/app/edx-themes --themes educate-theme

Wait for the process to finish, it takes more or less time depending on the available resources that your computer has.

Use CTRL+D / CMD+D or exit to exit the lms shell.