1. It’s essentially impossible to accurately predict the “value” of something before it’s built, particularly a public good. Retroactive funding enables alignment between the communities mission and values with the financial remuneration allocated for a given set of deliverables.
  2. Value delivered to a community can’t always be measured in financial ROI. Retroactive funding allows a community to evaluate ROI subjectively using a variety of KPIs.

Retroactive Public Goods Funding


Implementation Ideas

  1. Coordinape

    1. Coordinape at Bankless DAO Part 1
    2. How to Coordinape in BanklessDAO (5m 30s)
  2. Retroactive Funding for Public Goods and Review of Optimism Grants Round #1

    1. Quadratic voting to determine allocations in a given round
    2. Open to anyone who wants to submit completed work for retroactive funding in a proposal
    3. Funding caps to reduce impact of gaming the system
      1. Example of how what this looks like between Gitcoin and OceanDAO
    4. We can fork the token-gated grant submission pipeline and deliverables management front-end (integrates with Discourse and Airtable) + quadratic voting contracts from OceanDAO.
      1. https://github.com/oceanprotocol
  3. Other retroactive funding mechanisms?