Hello friends,

This is the first update about what's been going on at Compose. In case you forgot, we are making a software development platform for (web) apps with an emphasis on composability, achieved through pure (denotative) functional reactive programming. We like to think of it as a cohesive, even elegant, app development platform.

TL;DR - We're working on a series of demos to validate our biggest assumptions over the next couple months. We hope to have an MVP by the end of 2022. While we're not yet fundraising or hiring, intros are appreciated to investors and prospective team members who are jazzed about our vision for the future of app development.

While we officially incorporated in March 2021, we got distracted for four months with a mostly-unrelated client project. On the bright side, we got experience programming a production web app (40k users) in full-stack Haskell (GHCJS on the frontend). We learned a lot about the functional reactive abstractions that we'd like to build on for Compose, and what will be required for a real-world product.

The Compose of our dreams:

All this, we hope, will allow you to build big (web) apps in small pieces, collaboratively. We imagine programming in bite-sized "tweets" (maybe from your phone one day!) that you can compose into longer "threads" — almost like using Twitter, but instead of only text and images, you're collaboratively constructing an entire application.

We're currently working to validate our two biggest assumptions: