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Also: Take many selfies along the way.

Note how all of these posts, no matter how unrelated to the event or long winded, all have a clear call to action and are creative and unique enough to be worth liking!

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Promotion emphasizing ticket sales & date of event

Ticket sales for TEDxColoradoSprings are still ON SALE!⠀ ⠀ Just go to TEDxCOS.ORG to book your seats.

In-depth speaker story, date mention, and mailing list request

David grew up with what he calls, graciously, "poor leadership" (relatable?) - and he knows from experience as a kid and now as a parent that the language we use with each other can make the difference between inspiring each other to grow and do our best, or seeding fear. He's going to explore his experiences in more than just talk form, and to see it all happen you'll have to join us on Sept. 28th, 2019. Tickets go on sale Monday, and you'll be the first to get access if you head to and join our mailing list.

Brief speaker detail, but mainly ticket sale promotion & price details:

Elana's message about the power of stepping back from your judgements - even if you think of yourself as a non-judgmental person - will change how you think. You won't believe how this practice changed her life, but you see it in her portrait, don't you? ⠀ ⠀ Tickets go on sale tomorrow, and if you're online at noon you might secure yours for as little as $20. Mark your calendar now, and sign up at

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This is Erik, or more formally, Dr. Huffman. He's a cybersecurity expert, and he'll be talking about the one time even he almost got phished, and the implications for all of us. It's gonna be fascinating.