<aside> 💡 Adding product descriptions to Wevolver is a feature we are currently testing and will be added to the platform later on in 2021.


The goal for any marketer is ultimately to sell your product. By creating informative product documentation you will be able to reach more engineers, and help the ones that find you better understand why they should use your technology.

Surprisingly, many product descriptions are poorly documented. Especially when it comes to industrial products and components that are focussed on B2B.

A general product description will contact some visual material, a short description, and some specifications. Compare that to an average consumer product description on Amazon which can sometimes be as long as 5 pages.

It won’t be a surprise that many engineers often struggle to find the right product or service to use for their problem.

Creating informative and elaborate descriptions for your product is one of the most underutilized things a marketer can pick up right away. Doing so will result in:

How to create good product descriptions?

The ideal product description informs an engineer what the technology is, what it does, and how it can help them. By creating long form, and well structured documentation, you will not only create a well informed customer, but in time, more people will find your product because of its impact on SEO.

Structure of your product description

Based on our experience with people using Wevolver, we propose the following structure.


Engineers are visual people.Show them as much visible materials as possible to help them understand your technology. You can include photos, CAD models, measurement overviews, videos of the product in action, 3D animations of  CAD models, etc.