Last updated: 5/11/2021

The Content Production core unit will be responsible for creating, and supporting the creation of written, audio, and visual content that educates audiences on MakerDAO, promotes the work and culture of the ecosystem, and encourages people to use Dai and the Maker Protocol.

The goals of the Content Production core unit will be to:

Read the Content Production Core Unit Mandate


The tricky part about executing our content strategy will be the fact that certain activities may not seem as important early on but will pay off in the long-term if we handle them properly, whereas other activities will provide more obvious value in the short term.

It will be tempting to double down on the activities creating value in the short-term at the expense of our long-term objectives but by being transparent about why we're doing what we're doing, we hope the community will support us in pursuing these objectives.


Building the stakeholder journeys

Before initiating any kind of large-scale marketing or advertising (for product or brand), we need to prepare our web properties and social channels so they'll help us direct incoming leads where they need to go.

Advertising could be used to support brand development at this stage but our web properties need to be redesigned to guide audiences through their appropriate stakeholder journeys.

To define these stakeholder journeys, we need to consider who we want to attract and why they'll be interested in interacting with us and prepare the properties/channels we own and content on those channels to help different stakeholders find what they need.

Who are our stakeholders?

Our highest priority are the audiences defined by the Growth Core Unit:

We also need to consider the different stakeholders who use and maintain the Maker Protocol: