The advantages of investing into projects with extend into the basic nature of investing with all of its primal rules and strategies.

First advantage – By having a low amount of capital of as little as $1, users can invest like market participants having over $1,000,000 via the creation of a common pool of contributors acting as token holders. This approach will allow users to:

The given advantage automatically solves several important problems existing on the market:

Second advantage – Instead of conducting extensive and exhausting searches of projects worthy of investment, the platform will provide short lists of verified projects. In turn, the list itself may be divided into the following components:

Third advantage – Users do not have to restrict their investments to the DeFi sector. An analysis of various swap protocols and exchanges like the Kyber Network, Bancor, Uniswap, AAVE and others, allows to identify their weakness – they have no direct access to new assets, products, start-ups. solves this problem, as any startup, product and asset can be voted on (after the release of the Service). The main thing is the support of the community.

As such, the given advantages addresses issues such as: