<aside> ⚠️ When I try to add tags on mobile now (Firefox on Android as a home screen shortcut) all the things I type are added multiple times. I only typed "so true" and it added all that you see in the screenshot. Also, when I added a comma, it didn't save the tag so the post was ultimately untagged




in the tag field, gboard swipe typing is unusable, it randomly decides you're done. automatic space after word entry is broken

much like unintuitive linebreaks, it's actively jarring and while I don't think this is a breaking bug, if it's more widespread than just this keyboard and hardware, it adds friction to adoption

in the tag field, swipe typing randomly goes erratic while single letter typing, lts almost as if the field is constantly re-launching the keyboard.

randomly thinks I'm pressing enter to end the tag.

— colin, 7/1