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Adamnite Grants

What is the 404 DAO Buildathon?

Our Buildathon is a 4-week event that allows students and web3 enthusiasts to develop and pitch their web3 startup or build alongside actual web3 companies through grants and micro-internships.

With a focus on community building and collaborative development, the Buildathon allows people to gain meaningful development or startup experience in web3.

Buildathon Tracks

Micro-Internships with Nucleo

Nucleo is building private infrastructure for the future, starting with its private multi-sig product. Interns will learn the basics of building on zk chains such as Aleo and Aztec by building small games that integrate privacy features and Nucleo’s wallet.

Students who successfully complete a project will receive $2,000 for their work. Interns can attempt projects as a group of 2 or individually.

Startup Pitch Competition

The 404 Buildathon focuses on teams in the early stages of the idea process, looking to learn the skills necessary to build a web3 company.

We expect individuals or teams to be competent in the various verticals of web3 with a willingness to study and expand their knowledge. During the Buildathon, teams will hear from other web3 founders and learn the basics of building a startup.

By building their startup on Adamnite, teams can receive $1,000 in grant funding. However, building on Adamnite is optional for teams.


<aside> 🎉 Wednesday, March 29th: Buildathon Kickoff Event



<aside> 1️⃣ 3/29 - 4/7: Finalize teams, review reading web3/ZK materials


<aside> 2️⃣ 4/10-4/14: Week 1 of projects


<aside> 3️⃣ 4/17- 4/21: Week 2 of projects


<aside> 4️⃣ 4/24 - 4/27: Week 3 of projects & finalize demo materials


Startup Competition

<aside> 1️⃣ 3/29 - 4/7: Finalize teams and idea creation


<aside> 2️⃣ 4/10-4/14: Guest lecture


<aside> 3️⃣ 4/17- 4/21: Guest lecture & Rough draft for final materials


<aside> 4️⃣ 4/24 - 4/27: Guest lecture & finalize startup pitches