FEMA Region IX is one of the most diverse regions compared to other regions, and one of the largest as it spans not only parts of the United States mainland, but also Hawaii and some US territories and island nations. This results in FEMA Region IX being one of the most active and busy divisions in FEMA when it comes to disaster management. Each area of FEMA Region IX has a variety of disasters it is prone to, some alike each other, some completely unique. This means that the Region IX administration must be prepared for almost any disaster (e.g. hurricane, earthquake, flooding, wildfires, etc.) This research handbook will highlight various disasters in each respective region and give general instructions for those interested in helping themselves and their community to prepare for each disaster.

This handbook is an ongoing student-run project done in partnership with FEMA Region IX. The contributors of this handbook strive to keep the information in this as relevant, accurate, and as informative as possible by sourcing information from reputable and accredited sources. Even then, the information presented is still subject to some level of inaccuracy and/or can even be potentially incomplete. If you find any issues within this handbook, please do not hesitate in reaching out to the project coordinator at aditya@youthprep.us. If you are interested in contributing any sorts of pertinent content to this handbook, please reach out to the same email. Thank you for your understanding!

Table of Contents - Regions (WIP)

Table of Contents - Emergencies