About ROMS

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First, please check our company and business profile on our corporate website.

ROMS Corporate site https://roms.inc/

ROMS is a retail tech company that develops and provides solutions to support Omni-Channel Strategy for retailers, centered on NFC (Nano Fulfillment Center) and RCS (Robotics Convenience Store) with Automation and Robotics as its core technologies.

Founded in 2019, we have 29 team members as of October 2022 and are expanding, especially in the hardware and software engineering area.

Most recently, in September 2022, we opened an RCS (Robotics Convenience Store) in Shibuya, Tokyo with KDDI and also completed a funding round, raising a total of 1.2 billion yen.

Our first RCS store for Quick Commerce with KDDI https://roms.inc/news/128

Raised a total of 1.2 billion yen in funding https://roms.inc/news/148

We are also in talks with several other retailers who are interested in implementing our system. We plan to expand our business overseas in the next 1-2 years.

Find out more about our members or read an interview with our representatives on our blog. ☞ROMS Members Blog https://note.com/roms_inc/