<aside> ✨ As a volunteer earning credit, you must adhere to minimum standards of quality in order to earn credit for the advice you provide. While the definition of “high quality” is a little bit different for every question on CareerVillage, we do offer 10 suggestions — called ProTips — of what to include in your advice. There’s an excellent chance your advice meets the standards required by our volunteer policy if you are integrating as many ProTips as possible into your advice. That being said, please keep in mind that these are just suggestions. High-quality advice on CareerVillage is very unique and will vary.


10 ProTips for Writing Quality Advice

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#1 — Be Direct

#2 — Be Comprehensive

#3 — Use Facts

#4 — Tell a Personal Story

#5 — Recommend Next Steps

#6 — Cite Your Sources

#7 — Strike the Right Tone

#8 — Use Proper Grammar, Formatting, and Structure

#9 — Anticipate the Student’s Needs

#10 — Be Concise