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Nook is a London- and Lisbon-based startup. We're backed by top-tier VCs and Angel investors, we have an ambitious roadmap and we're growing our team. πŸš€


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Interviewing at Nook

We're honoured you’re considering joining us at Nook to work on the future of trade collaboration πŸ™Œ

Below is an overview of what you can expect during the interview process. We don't need loads of steps at our stage of the company and we expect to move very quickly with the right people!

<aside> πŸ“ž Intro call ~45 minutes


<aside> β–ͺ️ You'll be invited to a short intro call with one of the founders (Joe or Henry), so we can get to know each other better. We will cover highlights from your recent experience and what you're looking for in your next role. This is also a chance for us to tell you about what we're building at Nook!

To prepare for this interview, please have a think about:

We will let you know the next steps within one day.


<aside> πŸ§ͺ Deep-dive interview ~80 minutes


<aside> β–ͺ️ This interview will be with Henry for technical roles and Joe for non-technical roles. We will be looking to understand role-specific knowledge as well as your values and skills.

The structure for technical interviews might vary depending on if it is either front-end focused or back-end focused, and we might ask for a code sample from a previous project in advance of this interview.

During the technical interview, we will use live HackerRank challenges so we can evaluate how you tackle certain problems. We're a highly collaborative team and believe this is the best way to assess talent and skill.

For non-technical interviews, the challenge will revolve around a consulting-style case study.

We will let you know the next steps within a few days.


<aside> 🀝 Decision and offer


<aside> β–ͺ️ We move fast with conviction and aim to complete the process to offer in 1 week!


<aside> β˜• Coffee meet (optional!)


<aside> β–ͺ️ A chance to meet someone else from the team or one of our angels/investors!



We know working at an early-stage startup has risks, but we commit to making the experience valuable and enriching

<aside> πŸ“ˆ Equity so you own part of the company.