Everything you need to know about Astra Nova's admissions process for students beginning in the fall of 2021. Astra Nova will be a dedicated online school starting in August of 2021.

Why Astra Nova?

each year designed anew

students as collaborators

embracing the unknown

synergy of creative and complex experiences

Most succinctly, Astra Nova wants to spend your child’s time in the most meaningful and imaginative ways. We believe that creative teachers and professionals committed to collaboration with students and colleagues will lead to the richest learning experiences.

We need highly capable and ethical people to shape the brightest future for our planet. At Astra Nova, we develop the skills that children need to effect positive change in the world.


Why Online?

When we left SpaceX campus, we looked at a number of options for a permanent physical facility in Los Angeles. In the fall of 2020, we added 60 online-only students and felt compelled to offer our program to more families.

Most simply, running an online school allows us to best accomplish our mission as a school: more time devoted to singular learning experiences, greater resources committed to serving a more diverse student body, and better opportunities to share our work with students around the world.


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*Astra Nova is committed to meeting 100% of demonstrated financial need for all accepted students. Our financial aid estimator below will give you an approximation of the tuition your family would pay at Astra Nova.



We work together to design singular experiences for students.

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