Socratus wants to collaborate with other interested partners to create a platform for participatory citizenship and public problem solving designed to cultivate resilience, dignity and adaptiveness in responding to our mutual needs.

We are calling this platform "Janta ka Faisla" (People's verdict). It is a space in which a jury comprised of regular people sit in judgement of policies made for them. Experts present their policies to an audience of representatives of various people's groups - as a way of enacting participatory citizenship.

Without something like this, the policy-making would happen without any consultation with migrant workers. And this platform is not to enable a discussion with a narrow focus - benefits for migrants or social security - but the entire imagination of Indian society and economy - what it means for agriculture, education, environment, health, business, international relations, defense etc. This is creating a space that allows citizens, the ones most impacted by policies, to create and articulate a vision of their own.

The first initiative in this space was the *Janta ka Faisla* - Chhattisgarh Migrant Workers' Jury