There is money and time you can spend on celebrating stuff and for learning and development. We want you, as a Team Lead, to feel free to spend this money and time within these boundaries so you don't need permission every time you spend it on these two topics. We want to create clarity so you have the liberty to spend money on this. We don't want to limit your thinking by coming up with a budget, so feel free to ask HR if you'd like to bend the budgets for a good reason.

You are in the lead for these two topics for your team.

Party budget

Apart from the Blendle-wide parties, outings and celebrations, we came up with a number for you to spend on team related stuff. Every person at Blendle has €60 per year to spend on fun stuff. Why not €80 or €20? No good reason, we figured you could go out for dinner twice with your team for €60. Every person keeps track of this for themselves.

Study budget

"There is money on our bank account and it’s up to us to spend wisely. So yes, there is budget. Just let us know if you think it’s reasonable if Blendle pitches in."

The question is rather simple: is it a good investment? We spend our money wisely, so we consider the pro's and con's. Does Blendle benefit from the fact that someone is spending time and money on learning and development? There is a big chance the answer is yes, but it's important to make it concrete how. Does this fit in someones personal development path at Blendle? Does it match the personal goals? Does it match the role and responsibilities?

A good control question is if you would spend the money on this if it was your own. The rest is common sense.

As leads you can decide to say Yes or No to budget requests based on the above questions. If you need help deciding, you can discuss with HR.

€0-€250 = no study contract. Like a cool book, online course or a ticket to a summit.

€250-1500 = 12 months study contract. Like a full blown study/course or a conference (abroad).

€1500+ = edge case with 24 months study contract, please discuss with HR.

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